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  • 🎸 You’ll never guess who’s coming to town

🎸 You’ll never guess who’s coming to town

Plus: 🤢 The great mayo debate

It’s Thursday, Boston.

🥳 It’s also National Massachusetts Day! Pop quiz: Where does the name Massachusetts come from? I’ll Venmo $5 to the first person to respond with the correct answer. You can see if you got it right here.

🎃 Also: PSL season at Dunkin’ is officially underway.

👀 What’s on tap today:

  • T countdown clocks

  • New Logan lounge

  • The great mayo debate

Up first...


The beats dropping this fall

Image: Amy Harris/AP Photo. Illustration: Emily Schario.

The music gods have blessed us Massholes this year: Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Drake, the Jonas Brothers, Luke Combs, and soon-to-be Springsteen are just a few of the massive names that have graced the area’s music halls this season. And the fall lineup is just as stacked.

Here’s who’s going to be in town (and how to get tickets):

🆘 SZA at TD Garden. Her latest album, SOS, was an absolute smash, with TikTok hits like Kill Bill hanging at the top of the Billboard Hot 100. And while the album starts off with classic R&B sounds, it soon dives into rap, pop, quasi-country, and some balladeering, all of which you can see live on Sept. 30. Tickets start around $270 (damn, Ticketmaster).

🎸 Boys Like Girls at MGM Music Hall. After a quasi 10-year hiatus, the Andover-based pop rock band is back ​​with their Speaking Our Language tour on Oct. 26. If you were in middle school circa 2007 through 2010, The Great Escape was most certainly on your iPod Shuffle. Tickets start around $36.

Kesha at MGM Music Hall. Fact: TiK ToK is over 13 years old *cries in Millennial* and is still a banger. Since the release of her breakout album, Animal, the pop star has added a rock edge to her sound with albums like Warrior and Rainbow, which will all be on display on Nov. 1. Tickets start around $46.

🎤 John Mayer at TD Garden. Instead of strapping on one of his Stratocasters or jamming with his band, on Oct. 6 Mayer will be going solo on this acoustic tour in Boston, harkening back to the release of his first album, Room for Squares. Note: He’s brave for making a public appearance after T Swift’s version of Dear John dropped. Tickets start around $160.

🎸 Arctic Monkeys at TD Garden. The band’s lineup may have changed over the past two decades, but Brit rockers Arctic Monkeys remain one of the most successful indie bands to have gone the mainstream route. They’ll be performing hits from all seven albums, including their latest “The Car,” at their show on Sept. 3. Tickets start around $200.

💃🏿 Janelle Monáe at MGM Music Hall. Monáe’s new album The Age of Pleasure, is personal compared with her earlier funk and hip-hop albums focused on the travails of an android character named Cindi Mayweather. She’s not yet sure how her new material will work with her older songs, so she and her band are “just putting a show together based on what we feel is good” on Sept. 17. Tickets start around $193.

🤠 Lady A at MGM Music Hall. The country, rock, and pop fusion band best known for their platinum hits like Need You Now are back in Boston with their Request Line Tour. Bonus: Fans will be able to call 615-882-1975 during the tour and request for Lady A to add their favorite songs to the set list in their city, meaning no two shows will feature the same set list. Tickets start around $36.

👀 Want more? You can see the full lineup of big concerts here.


The secret is out, Boston

💰You could be sitting on a goldmine. The Massachusetts State Treasury has over $3 billion in unclaimed property stashed away, and some of it might belong to you. With 1 in 10 citizens already finding lost money — totaling a whopping $787 million returned in the last 5 years — it’s time to check if you’ve hit the jackpot. Simply look up your name in under a minute to see if you have any funds from previously closed savings or checking accounts, forgotten checks, stocks, and more. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Quick & dirty headlines

Image: Erin Clark/Globe Staff

🚇 The T’s countdown clocks are finally more accurate. The days of waiting 20 minutes for a train that says it’ll be there in five might be numbered. New MBTA data shows that, four months after the T imposed more slow zones across the system (which started in March), subway predictions on the Red, Orange, and Blue Lines have finally caught up with reality. Phillip Eng, the MBTA’s new GM, has been all over this, noting that fixing little things like the countdown clocks can rebuild the public’s trust with the transit system.

🗃️ There’s been a big health data breach. Listen up: State officials are currently reaching out to over 134,000 residents whose personal information was part of a data breach involving a file transfer program used by the UMass Chan Medical School. Everyone involved in the breach has their name and at least one other piece of info (DOB, address, SSN, etc.) exposed. So if you’ve participated in any of these state programs, you can call 855-862-7769 for help. UMass Chan is offering free credit monitoring and identity theft protection services to those impacted.

✈️ We’ve got good and bad Logan news. The good news: The new Delta Sky Club in Terminal E is open and it looks AMAZING. It’s got multiple full-service bars, shower suites, and gorgeous harbor and skyline views. Which also means the expansion on Terminal E is open, too. Now the bad news: An American Airlines plane had to abort a takeoff after a Spirit Airlines plane got a little too close for comfort. It’s the third close call this year at Logan under FAA investigation. Note: The fact that Spirit caused this feels very on brand.

☕ Brassica is putting the “café” back in its name. The 'cafe' part of Brassica Kitchen + Cafe, a beloved breakfast and lunch spot in JP, officially reopens today since shutting down during the pandemic. It’ll be open on Thursdays and Fridays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., serving up coffee drinks and award-winning brioche doughnuts to start, with additional menu items on the way. But if you’re looking for a little more than just a doughnut, the brunch menu is also delightful.


👀 Before you read the next section, we have to know: Do you like mayo?

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The great mayo debate

Image: Carlin Stiehl for The Boston Globe

Tomato sandwich and lobster roll season are in full swing. Which can only mean one thing: The great mayo debate is, too.

The Globe polled their readers on their brand preferences and usage of the divisive condiment, with 25% saying minimal use is still too much.

But when it comes to local chefs, the debate isn’t about how much they use, but rather, which kind they use.

Hellmann’s and Duke’s are the most common brands at local restaurants per the Globe survey, but there are a few outliers: Saltie Girl in Back Bay uses Japanese Kewpie mayo, James Hook & Co. on the Waterfront uses Ken’s, and Boston Chowda Co. at Quincy Market uses Monarch.

But whether you’re a mayo lover or hater, I think we can all agree there’s one brand that is actually the worst: Miracle Whip.

🙄 Thanks for reading! As a mayo lover, I just have one thing to say to the haters: Grow up.

💜 Special shoutout to today's sponsor, the Massachusetts State Treasury, for supporting local journalism and helping residents reclaim what’s rightfully theirs.

🐶 The results are in: B-Sider readers were overwhelmingly OK with dogfishing on dating apps, as long as people were honest upfront that the dog in their profile picture wasn’t theirs. One reader commented: “Fishing is fishing. Bait is bait. Do whatcha gotta do to catch a date!”

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