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  • 🐶 There’s a new kind of catfishing

🐶 There’s a new kind of catfishing

Plus: 💍 Boston’s royal wedding

It’s Wednesday, Boston.

🏠 Here’s some depressing, yet unsurprising, housing news: The median home price in Greater Boston just broke a record … again. Spoiler: It’s not $1 million, but it might as well be.

👀 What’s on tap today:

  • City door dash

  • Get crunk on Dunks

  • Boston’s royal wedding

Up first...


Gone (dog)fishing

Illustration: Emily Schario

Step aside, catfishing. There’s a new form of dating deception in town: Dogfishing.

Here’s what to know:

📖 The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines dogfishing as: “The practice of using a dog in one’s profile picture on a dating app to lure a potential partner.” It’s a cousin of catfishing, where one creates a fake online persona.

📱 And it might be more common than you think. We asked our audience if they've done it, and we were flooded with responses of people admitting to it and knowing someone who had. Amanda Mitchell from Whitman said her nephew uses her dog all the time for dating app pics. He thinks it “gets him more likes.”

👀 “It's brilliant because it catches people's attention,” according to Laura Kenney, an executive matchmaking coach at Boston-based Lunchdates. Kenney noticed the trend more post-COVID when it felt like every 20-something was adopting a dog. “I don't think it's a bad thing … as long as they're not parading around and saying, ‘hey, this is my dog.’”

❤️ For some, it’s a way to show they’re good with animals. “I want people to know that I’m a dog person,” said Danielle Dietzek, co-founder of the Fourplay dating app, who admittedly has a few dogs on her photo carousel that aren’t hers. “You’re not just saying I like dogs, you’re saying I’m empathetic, I’m loving, I’m affectionate.”

💑 If executed properly, it can lead to a W. Soon-to-be Somerville resident Emily Perrilo is about to move in with her boyfriend, whose profile pic featured a dog from a service trip. “I saw that and thought … he’s cute and loves dogs and is outdoorsy,” she said. He also noted that he was a “dog-less dog person” on his profile, which ended up being a great conversation starter, given the photo.

🧐 If not addressed early on, it can be misleading. Emily Langmeyer, of Franklin, remembers having in-app conversations with a suitor about his alleged dog, but about 45 minutes into their in-person date, he came clean that the dog was his roommate’s. “If you’re willing to lie about whether or not you have a dog, what else are you going to lie about?” she said.

🤫 And for some, it’s always going to feel just a tad deceitful. One X respondent, who preferred to not share his name, said this is one of his literal pet peeves. “I ALWAYS feel ripped off whenever I match with someone and compliment her dog and then come to learn it’s merely a canine acquaintance,” he said.

📸 Want an expert opinion on what to do? “Just post the dog photo,” Kenney said. “No shame in the game as long as you’re laying the cards out on the table.”


🐶 What do YOU think of dogfishing?

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Quick & dirty headlines

The boom in food-delivery orders has caused congestion on Boylston Street, in front of Chick-fil-A. Image: Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff.

🚴 Boston is launching its own version of Uber Eats. The city’s new pilot program, Boston Delivers, kicks off in September, where e-cargo bikes will deliver packages and food to and from local businesses in Allston and the surrounding area. It’s slated to run for at least a year, with the goal of reducing pollution and easing traffic congestion (often caused by real Uber Eats drivers). Assuming it goes well, there might be a future where e-bikes deliver your midnight Micky D’s munchies.

🧗 “Working from home” has a whole new meaning. Try working from the rock-climbing gym, or your favorite restaurant, or arcade. Those have been the latest WTF spots local 20-somethings have been hitting up during their nine to five, as working from home has lost its pandemic allure. As long as there’s good wifi and a place to sit, it’s a viable option. And for some, choosing your own workplace adventure provides the best of both worlds: The social benefits of an office with the autonomy of working from home.

🌧️ This summer has been one of the rainiest on record. And it’s not even over. Last summer was one of the state’s hottest and driest summers ever. Then there’s this summer, which is already one of the rainiest on record since 1872 with almost 16 inches of rain (the record was set in 1955 with nearly 25 inches). In Greater Boston, only one-third of all summer weekends have been completely dry. And forecasters are only seeing more rain ahead.

☕ You can soon get crunk on Dunks. Dunkin’ Spiked Coffee and Tea is coming to a packie near you this summer. The Spiked Tea flavors set to launch later this month include a Slightly Sweet Iced Tea, a Half & Half, and Strawberry Dragonfruit. The Spiked Coffees, set to launch in September, include flavors like the Original Iced Coffee, the Caramel Iced Coffee, and the Mocha Iced Coffee. But don’t think these are the new Four Lokos. The ABV on all products is only 5% or 6%.



Image: John Blanding/Globe Staff

Some people dream of getting married at the Boston Public Library. Some get hitched at City Hall. But one local couple had only one venue in mind: Kowloon.

This Saturday, Kowloon Restaurant on Route 1 in Saugus will shut down to host the wedding of Kayla and John, the first time the business has closed for a private event in 73 years.

The restaurant was initially apprehensive because this kind of event is uncharted territory, but after settling on a number that could account for any lost revenue, it’s officially happening.

Well wishes for the couple from other fellow Massholes have already started pouring in. One X user wrote, “Kayla and Jon are now Boston royalty.” Another is convinced that exchanging nuptials in the restaurants means “Kayla and Jon will be married forever.”

👰 Thanks for reading! This is my Super Bowl.

🌶️ The results are in: Most B-Side readers’ heat levels cap out around jalapeño according to yesterday’s poll, with one jalepeño-maxer writing that they’re “working on stretching their Irish taste buds.”

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