🚚 Your move BEFORE the big move

Plus: 🚃 MBTA service changes

It’s Tuesday, Boston.

😂 Freebie alert: Wednesday is the last day to catch a free show at Improv Asylum in the North End (tickets are normally around $25). And plenty of seats are left!

👀 What’s on tap today:

  • MBTA service changes

  • A new way to Portugal

  • The ultimate Wegmans shopper

Up first …


Pre-gaming moving day

Image: Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff. Illustration: Emily Schario.

Sept. 1 move-in is all fun and games (lol jk) … Until you can’t find a parking space and don’t know where to dump your old mattress. Hint: Not the trash. Or out the window.

So whether this is your first or fifth Boston move-in week, here’s what to know before you step inside that box truck:

📱 Avoid “Storrowing” (and turning into a meme) with a truck navigation app. Unlike Waze and Google Maps, which don’t give you a heads up about low-clearance bridges, apps like TruckMap, Hammer, TruckerPath, and SmartTruckRoute recommend a route that avoids any low-clearance areas based on the height of your truck.

🚚 But if you’re skipping the apps, just remember: If your truck is taller than nine feet, avoid Storrow Drive, Soldiers Field Road, and Memorial Drive altogether (just look at the signs!). As Mass. DCR says in its hilarious PSA video warning against the dangers of “Storrowing,” most trucks list their height on the side of the vehicle.

🅿️ Reserve a parking spot for your moving truck or van ASAP. To apply online, you need at least two weeks ahead of your move (a little late for Sept. 1). But you can still apply for a permit in person as long as your moving day is at least three days away. While technically not required, these permits give you a legal parking spot the day of your move that ensures you have a spot, saves you from unwanted tickets, and makes unloading easier.

😅 That said … these permits aren’t fool proof. We’ve heard from professional movers that while it’s still best practice to get a permit, enforcement is sometimes iffy because everyone is moving at once. But again, you’re better safe than sorry. You can get moving permits for Boston, Somerville, Cambridge, and Brookline here.

🗑️ Don’t throw your mattress in the trash (it’s technically banned). But the good news is if you live in a building with less than seven units, the city will recycle it for you. Boston requires residents to schedule an appointment to have both taken to a recycling center. Most mattresses are accepted, aside from futons and mattress toppers, which can still go in the trash. And if you live in a larger building, ask your property manager about recycling, there are tons of other mattress recycling haulers.

☎️ And if you’ve got a moving problem, call 311. That’s Boston’s non-emergency line which you can use if you have questions about getting rid of a big item, if something on your street needs fixing, and more. You can also download the Boston 311 app, follow the line on Twitter, and find their website here.


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Quick & dirty headlines

Image: Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff

🚇 Wake me up when the September MBTA service changes end. Buckle up for service disruptions on the Red, Green, Orange, and several Commuter Rail lines next month. To accommodate the delayed Gov. Center Garage demo, Green Line service will be suspended between North Station and Gov. Center from Sept. 18 to Oct. 12 (25 days!), and Orange Line trains will bypass Haymarket Station. On the Red Line, Braintree branch riders will be taking the shuttle bus most weeknights, too. You can see the full list of service changes here.

🌪️ It’s not just you. There have been more tornadoes than normal. If the news of five tornadoes touching down two Fridays ago felt like a lot, that’s because it was. So far, there have been four tornado days and 13 tornado warnings issued in southern New England this year, making it a much more active season than usual. And while the number of tornado days are actually decreasing, we’re seeing more tornadoes in a day (see above), which can partially be explained by a warmer atmosphere and an increase in humidity, creating a recipe for strong storms.

✈️ Next stop: A new way to Portugal. Azores Airlines is launching the first nonstop service between Porto, Portugal, and Boston in June 2024. This airline is best known for their direct flights to the Azores, so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming deals. Speaking of travel news: If you’re the bougie friend, BermudAir, a boutique airline, will be offering all-business-class flights from Boston to Bermuda this fall. But it’ll cost you. $2,000 roundtrip, to be exact.

🌿 Share your thoughts on Boston’s biggest park. The folks behind the Emerald Necklace Conservancy are doing some strategic planning, and they want to hear your park experiences and insights to plan for the park’s future. If you live in the Boston area, you can take this five-minute survey where you can share how you use the Necklace and what you’d like to see more of. Plus, if you complete it, you’ll be entered to win one of 10 $50 gift cards.


The ultimate Wegmans shopper

Gif: Ken McGagh for The Boston Globe

Here’s a moving hack: Shop at Wegmans. No really: The closed Natick location is auctioning off tons of fixtures, furniture, and equipment for as low as $1.

Some items are obviously impractical for a Boston apartment, like a gas-powered Marra Forni pizza oven, a hot buffet table, and an 11-tap beer system (I beg to differ), but there are mini fridges, stainless steel tables, tables, wooden cubbies, vacuums, and more.

The latest batch of items up for grabs ends this morning, but there should be a fourth and final lot coming online next month. It’s a grocery store Allston Christmas.

🤔 Thanks for reading! OK, this fridge could be a vibe. And it’s only $88!

🦞 The results are in: B-Side readers were riled up after hearing that a local restaurant mixed crawfish in their lobster roll. But when asked how they should be punished for soiling our seafood reputation, nearly 50% of respondents asked: “Why is anyone getting a lobster roll at Quincy Market?” Correct answer.

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